1. Optimizing A Video Ad on Facebook

This video ad was shown to me by Fergus O’Hare at the Digital Marketing Summit 2016, the final speaker of the event who had the crowd captivated with his brilliant presentation. WAIT! Before you play it, MUTE your audio. Now play.

Why am I saying this? Because about 50% of boosted videos are played on peoples’ profiles that have ‘Autoplay Video’ feature. Which plays without sound. So have a go at it like half of your target audience would.

Pretty boring, right? Now try it with music.

Isn’t it wonderful? The reason it won’t work well on Facebook is because it hasn’t been optimized. In the summit, Fergus showed an optimized video which I couldn’t find online. The optimized video ad contained the same thing, but every few seconds beautiful typography and musical sounds were appearing which contained part of the lyrics of the song.

So, it’s good to have an eye-catching opening for optimizing (particularly on Facebook) as well as ear-pleasing. Take a look at your work without the sound. You can have animation/graphics/special effects/text whatever that goes with the video ad.

Digital is not just repackaging what you’re throwing out there in Print, TV, Radio, etc. Content must be optimized.

2. Don’t Just Make Content, Tell A Story

I can’t describe it too well to you. Just see this video. It’s about trying to raise a social concern.

Instead of going for the usual pattern, this social message took advantage of the familiarity of the audience with their mobile devices. It’s a video ad, but you don’t ever feel that until it hits the call to action level.

You can even use your consumers to create stories for your brand.

Check out this page for some good examples of how brands used Facebook to tell stories.

3 Things to remember:

  1. Don’t make your product the focus of the story
  2. Tell the story in digestible chunks – do a series of content instead of one comprehensive content
  3. Keep the human side of the story alive

3. Strategy is A Pre-requisite for Creativity

This is an insight that all Advertising Agencies will agree with, but have a hard time to establish due to the agency-client interest and opinion conflicts.

Especially in Bangladesh, some clients don’t feel comfortable sharing their strategies and insight and end up sending a half page brief which gives rise to half-witted cont. Naturally.

Creativity isn’t just aesthetics, clever copy or gimmicks. Creativity is there to bring originality, engagement, and enthusiasm to the execution and implementation of strategies.

Just look at this example:

This video ad shows exactly how important it was to identify the trend of buying gifts for Christmas and planning the time of release, preparing a genuinely heart-warming content and then distributing that across all channels possible. That is how effective success comes in digital .

4. Micro-Ads

If you work at an agency, you will hate this. So did I.

Because it’s effective, it’s short and simple, and it’ll cost a lot less. Which means less pay.

But that’s exactly these ads will have their own spot. I can’t predict if they will be a hit in Bangladesh, but there’s just this kind of simple elegance in such ads that can’t be forgotten easily.

This same KitKat video ad is also available for a 10 second

What’s your opinion about this kind of ads? Write in the comment!

5. Turn Your Weakness Into Strength

We all know about this problem in Bangladesh where most people don’t have access to fast internet or money to buy a big data pack. Similar problem is faced by India.

Instead of nagging about that and why you can’t do 2k videos adverts for Bangladeshi markets, take a look at what Adidas came up with (the video’s only on FB, couldn’t embed here):


So before pointing figures at problems of infrastructure, let’s learn to leverage them.