What is the problem? Why we are passionate about the problem? Why will the audience care?

Currently Smartifier academy is focusing on improving the performance of various of various well known corporate companies of Bangladesh by taking sessions based on meta learning skills. Recently Smartifier Academy conducted day-long training programs in Daily Star and COdesign, the title of the training session was “International Employee Mindset”. The core objective of the training session was to make the trainees aware of the International Corporate Culture and Practices followed throughout the world in order to develop an International Employee mindset among the trainees. Smartifier Academy’s chief trainer and CEO Md. Sohan Haider conducted majority of the training. Mr Shadman Sadab, CEO of Future City Summit was also present during the sessions, he took a 1-hour long session as well. The trainees got to experience how working in an international firm is like through a game which was designed for the trainees. Other small learning games and revitalization session kept the trainees on the edge of their seats. And finally, the trainees expressed their gratitude towards Smartifier academy for conducting such an engaging training session. A feedback video was also taken at the end of the whole program.