What Do We Do?

We design and provide personalized, interactive, ‘gamified’ training sessions; which focus on solving business problems by growing Meta-Learning Skills of the participants thus ultimately improving their performance.


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Why We Exist?

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Smartifier Academy’s training materials are enriched and aligned with the business goals.

- Tajdin Hasan, Head of Marketing, The Daily Star

Message From the Founder

21st Century. There has never been a better time for collaboration and innovation on a global scale. A digital renaissance is eminent where global teams will be formed to contribute to solving both local and global problems (it’s already happening in a small scale!). But amidst all the progress with AI, Nanotech, Quantum Computing, etc., the human labor force faces a clear and daunting challenge – the challenge of picking up new skills. While the challenge of learning, unlearning and relearning is not a new one – it is certainly a dire one in this day and age.

But before we start connecting the dots about how Bangladeshis can take advantage of this new challenge, we need to accept that many Bangladeshis are falling behind even in fundamental professional skills like Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Presentation, Storytelling, etc. If we dig down deeper, there are skills like Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Creativity, Problem Solving, etc. All of these skills can be called Meta Learning Skills, which can accelerate the learning process of human beings and improve their performance at a rapid pace. But in schools, colleges, & universities, we are still being taught what to learn, not how to learn or why we are learning in the first place! Because of this gap, picking up new skills sounds like an arduous thing to do, maybe even something nightmarish! Smartifier Academy aims to bridge this gap. By helping people grow their Meta Learning skills, Smartifier Academy aims to accelerate the learning process so they can pick up new skills with less time. I am aware that a problem of this scope cannot be solved by a small-scale startup like Smartifier Academy alone, so I request that you also do your part by working on your Meta Learning Skills and spreading awareness about them.
Sohan Haidear