Whenever we fail in doing something difficult or achieving a tough accomplishment, we always come up with good excuses. We use these excuses as a veil around our ego and hope that society will not see us as a failure. After experiencing setback in my own life and many others’ lives around me and hearing many variations of excuses for failing to achieve tough goals, I have started to recognize some patterns. Some of the archetypes of such excuses are:


We humans have a great tendency to blame everything on luck. It’s true that we cannot control what might happen in the future but by giving our best effort we can at least increase the probability of our success.  If we put our best effort in something, even if we don’t get what we expected; at least  it’s better than not trying and fail. In this world of uncertainty a little extra assurance can help a lot.

Quote to be strong against excuses and achieve a tough goal


“Why am I not wildly successful? Because I am not talented. I don’t have the gift that Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates have.”

– Do you really think this is a good excuse? Well, giving best of ‘what you got’ is also considered a talent- the talent of perseverance and hardship. All three of the people mentioned have invested the largest amount of their time into their work, that is why they have been so successful. So this excuse is also lame. Any difficult goal you have will definitely test your ability to endure. So, the only talent you may lack is that you are not giving your best.

Quote about Hardship and Giving Your Best to Accomplish difficult goals


Every day we see suggestions from thousands of people telling us that we should always pursue our career where our passion lies. But sometimes we fail to wrongly identify our interest as our passion. For many of us, what we call passion is actually nothing more than a temporary craze, an infatuation. And that makes us quit halfway through the difficult goal we were trying to achieve. Although it’s actually an excuse that brings out empathy because at least we tried to pursue something we liked, we do end up losing some time if nothing else. So before trying to accomplish tough goals, first, we need to ask ourselves, is this actually passion or is it something that I might give up in future easily?

Don't Give Excuse For your Tough Goal


“I failed because there wasn’t enough time” – something that we hear every day. Well, this is because we live in an illusion that at the time of the tough goal, we were making the best of our time and still, it ran out. In reality, there is no limit to using time efficiently. Other than the limitation we set ourselves in our mind. There can be some exceptions to this case, but exceptions should not be an example.

Use time to attain your tough goals

The number of excuses for failure is infinite and so is the number of reasons for success. If only we put our effort that we waste in finding excuses into proper uses than success would be our everyday friend.


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Ashrafee-Takdir Hossain

I’m an extrovert and a perfectionist, and always looking for new challenges.

I enjoy adapting to new changes and learning from criticism.

I choose my goals wisely and give it 110% of my efforts.

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