[This post is aimed at the beginner level digital marketers. These are based on notes shared during the Digital Marketing Summit 2016 and my interpretation. If you happen to be a beginner-level digital marketer, I would suggest that you read about DM everyday for at least 10 minutes. This world is exploding and imploding every day, and the only way you can be a pro is to keep learning about what is going on out there]


I joined Facebook in 2007. Back when in order to reply to a friend’s post on your wall you had to write back on his wall. Then see a ‘Wall-to-Wall’ conversation and make sense of a conversation. Back when Superwall and Who’s Your Top Friend? tabs were popular, you couldn’t like comments and stop playing Mob Wars or Texas Hold’em Poker.

Digital Marketing

Remember this?

Needless to say, both Facebook and we, its users, have come a long way since then. Today’s Facebook/internet experience is a lot faster, a lot less cluttered in terms of design and full of people and their opinions. So in this place where everyone was busy having fun and minding their own business, as always we marketers barged our noses in and ruined the experience. Now ‘ruin’ is a strong word, but not very inaccurate. At least Gary Vee thinks so. And I agree because a good lot of digital marketers today are going for push-based, oh-look-at-my-boring-run-of-the-mill-content-because-I-boosted-it-with-dollar tactic. Or, Bangladesh-cricket-team-just-won-so-give-me-a-content-for-my-brand-even-though-it-has-nothing-to-do-with-sports-tactic!

That’s exactly what I felt the Digital Marketing Summit 2016 was trying to get us to think about. How to not make boring, repetitive, copycat campaigns. How can we create creative, strategic and optimized content? And make it viral? The answers are elusive as always, and one day of panel discussions and case studies and breakout sessions are not enough to reveal them. However, certain insights must be shared for which this summit should be remembered for.

If you’re getting bored already, at least check out the videos below.

1. Say Hello to The Slash Generation

Ask yourself, who are you?

A marketer? A writer? An engineer? A software programmer?

But wait, are you also not a foodie? A travel junkie? A music lover? An adrenaline journey? A Potterhead?

The point is, the current online generation of Bangladeshis cannot be defined with just one word based on their occupation. You have a software programmer who’s a passionate cyclist, a school teacher who spends her vacations trekking the hills of Bandarban, a doctor who is a critic of classic movies… the list goes on and on.

Therefore, say goodbye to broad market segmentations. Choke the guy who says in a presentation, “We are targeting 19-24 age group”!

Okay, don’t choke him. Just give him a scornful eye and silently say what every girl wishes she could say to John Snow.


Think about detailing your TG. Go deep. Know them like you would know your best friend. ISYN.

2. Adding A.D.D to The Digital Marketing Equation

I won’t stress this too much because it’s being said for the last few years. Just to update, our attention span online is less than that of a Goldfish.

More than half of the readers are only going to scan this article. Just like you are, jumping from headline to headline. Stahp.

So giving them the same predictable type of content or video is not going to be able to keep their minds engaged for long. Now let’s take a look at this engaging video that tackles the ADD issue only so well:

This is the kind of content we Bangladeshi marketers need to think about making. Digital or not, this definitely grabs your eyeballs and pleases that ADD mind.

3. Videos Are Getting More Mindshare

Wanna know the number of views YouTube got from Bangladesh alone from January 2016 to September 2016? Please take a guess before you read the answer.

2 Billion!

Have a look at this infographic of 2015:




4. Tell Me Something Google Can’t

This one is for online storytellers.

Also, this heading explains exactly why I didn’t elaborate the last point after the infographic.

Today almost every online Bangladeshi user knows about Google. Or at least DSD.

They know that the information and knowledge they need is just a finger tap away. Or a few.

So the question that subconsciously rises in their mind every time someone wants to teach, preach or just reach them: “Why should I listen to you?” And if they sense that you’re just trying to tell them a generic story, their attention will lift off like the Falcon 1.

So, your stories need to be personalized, customized and original-sounding; not just presented in the new package of digital. If you apply this lesson to your work you can improve from being a beginner-level digital marketer to an advanced one.

5. Facebook Citizens in Bangladesh Are a Lot More Sophisticated Today

The mistake many beginner-level digital marketers make is that they underestimate the online market. Don’t let the popularity of stupid online videos or ‘chikon piner charger’ comments fool you, people are not as ‘khaet’ (those who have bad taste in art and sensibility) as you think they are. Just notice it- nowadays even  smartphone-internet-using uncles and aunties are more aware of malware, virus, and click baits. After being abused by such problems, even they are learning about installing antivirus on their phones and tablets. And for the young, we can spot the bullshit even more quickly, more easily.

Having your brand’s content saying “Hey, I’m a Brand! I’m awesome and you need to like me because I’m ____(bla bla bla)” or “Hey, this hot girl uses our product! If you use it, you can be like her. Or better, have her in bed!” or “Six-packs are a man’s best friend. This Mandingo uses our brand. So use it and become a sex symbol!” – only shows that you are not understanding that your audience has evolved. This is so 2000s approach. Online Bangladeshis now watch international YouTubers’ videos, notwithstanding the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil movies. Their taste is no longer confined to BTV standard. Or Channel I standard for that matter. They may not be able to express it, but subconsciously they are thinking a lot more internationally today. So you can’t trick them into buying your product or position yourselves like you did in the good ol’ days. You have to be authentic.

You must understand that Bangladeshi customers have evolved. They can sense the BS in advertising.

If people don’t like what they’re seeing, they will scroll through your content without wasting a millisecond. If you’re looking for a good example, think about right this moment. Are you not scanning to see if this post has value to you? Are you not judging whether reading this is worth your time? Everyone online is doing it subconsciously. Every single user.

Bonus: Facebook Isn’t The Only Avenue for DM

Somehow, many people are getting the idea that pushing content at users on Facebook is the best way to advertise. I’m no one to give a verdict, but there are definitely arguments to be made.

I’ll just make one. Here is the top 5 websites that people are visiting from Bangladesh, ranked by www.alexa.com.

Digital Marketing

Also, from a study done by Shop.org and Forrester Research, it was found that 85% of retailers surveyed said search marketing (including paid and SEO) was the most effective customer acquisition tactic.

Source: http://scl.io/MjMgruVw#gs.T4P2lu8

So if people are spending a lot more time watching videos or searching on the internet, why aren’t we also focusing on search engine marketing (SEM)?

Now say that to your boss or your client the next time and no one will see you as the newb, beginner-level digital marketer.