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Hello there! Welcome to Smartyslife!

You’re probably wondering, what does it mean? Is it a wordplay on ‘smart is life’? Or does it mean Smarty’s life? Actually, it’s a bit of both. Smartyslife is about exploring, adopting and evolving the ultimate ‘Smart’ lifestyle that we can have. But smart can mean a lot of things. Which meaning am I insinuating?

I believe that being smart means knowing the right thing to do at the right moment and then doing it.

But Our Wants & Needs Get in The Way

And unless your ambitions are to be a Buddhist monk who spends his entire life seeking nirvana, you and me and everyone else on this planet want to get access to the good stuff in our lives: for some it’s materialistic things like owning premium brand products, having a relationship with a person who looks like a supermodel, or being recognized and awarded for our work, or being powerful or famous. For others, it could be a simple and stress-free live, with a loving, happy and peaceful family. Or maybe, you just want to be batman. That’s fine too.

But if you’re like me, you want more. You want to have access to a fine dining and an elegant home without sacrificing time with your family and friends. But is that possible or it’s just an un-achievable concept like Utopia? Can a life that’s rich in terms of money, progress, happiness and relationships never exist, except only in our minds? This is a question that has always haunted me, will I ever be able to reach to that spot?

Is It Impossible to Have it All?

After reading hundreds of biographies of successful people and observing those who are not-so-successful people, I have realized, that it is possible. Yes, you cannot become a billionaire CEO of a multinational company and still expect to spend 5 hours a day with your child, but with the right approach you can find a balance. There is a way of life that can help us find the harmony. That to me is the elixir of life, the perfect balance between self, family, finances and dreams. That can give us the feeling that we are immortal, because then every living second becomes a blessing that we keep cherishing more and more.

But How to Get There?

It is only possible if we follow a set pattern of behaviors. Only if we are willing to be truly committed to it. And don’t give up when we are tested by time. We need to envision our future and set that vision in our mind, then set up a plan and a framework to get there, commit to it and make necessary adjustments along the way- we can achieve anything we want. Then we can be ‘truly successful’.

Let’s Define Truly Successful

So what is truly successful according to me? Money and houses and love and cars and friendships and philanthropy? Yes!

A truly successful person is financially solvent, recognized and valued in the workplace for his/her work, has healthy relationship with family and friends and contributes something to the society and the environment. Never can a truly person forget that we are sharing space with other human beings, trees and other animals. Now let’s talk about an observation. I have always having the kind of conversation that you and I are having here. And most of the times the reactions I get is this one:


Sad, Isn’t It?

I want to clarify one thing. People who are indifferent to their lives, someone who’s “Just trying to get by”, this website is not for them. Smartyslife is for the ones who are passionate, for those who want to succeed in life, who are looking for ways to improve their experience and others’ experiences of living in this world. It’s not for someone who cringes and runs away every time he/she faces a challenge. I know you want to win in the battles of your lives just like everyone else. So come on! Be more like Tyler buddy!


A truly successful person, or as I like to call him, a ‘Smarty’ would not see the world with a narrow scope, where only his will and desires exist and everything else are just means to get him there. Rather, his everyday actions should reflect a deeply ingrained humanitarian and eco-friendly beliefs.

Now this all might seem very difficult to do, but trust me, it’s not the case. Actually, it’s extremely difficult! Ok, ok, I’m kidding. Just trying to scare you a little. It’s true, the journey towards a better self isn’t very smooth when you’re just starting, but when you start seeing the rewards you start investing more. And it gets easier as you practice more and more.
If you’re feeling burdened now from all these heavy words, take a look at this mountain goat:


How did it climb so high? The answer is, it has just been focusing on its next step. That’s it. It has only one rule for its journey: “Don’t slip on the next step”. Isn’t that simple yet brilliant? If a goat can climb so high, why can’t we do it in our daily lives?

Because, We Lack a Game Plan

With the correct game plan for our lives and focusing on the smaller bits, any monumental tasks can be accomplished. And that is something that I’m studying and creating for myself. And I want to share these thoughts with you.

Smartyslife Is A Journey, Not A Destination

So am I a smarty? No, sir. But I aim to become one. This website is a journal, of what I’m learning, doing, thinking. And sometimes, what I’m finding funny. Because I know that if you’re in touch with me, with this website, this virus of ‘becoming better’, of ‘making your childhood dreams come true’, of ‘living a life of harmony’, of ‘earning a whole lot of money while maintaining a healthy family life’ – will grasp your mind too. Every time your haters, critics, colleagues, friends, family members and even you yourself will try to choke these wishes, like Batman, the thoughts and tips and techniques on this blog will appear and rescue your wishes and dreams. And just like me, you will start to think of your dreams as a reality in the future- a future you will consciously create.


Now it’s time for a confession- I just lied to you right now. In the previous paragraph. When I said that I am not a smarty. Because I believe I am one, and I believe that you are too. Because being a smarty is not a medal or a milestone or a checkpoint. It’s about an ongoing process, about being on a journey. When you follow a set of rituals and self-disciplines to become better as a student, as a professional and as a human being, you’re a smarty.

Whether you fail or succeed doesn’t matter. Being audacious enough to struggle to become something larger than life- now that’s thinking like a champion. That’s a smarty’s attitude. That’s what I’m talking about.

As you’ve read this post until the end, let me welcome you to the smart side of your life. Now that you’ve checked in, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!

Now tell me, do you know what is the right thing for you to do right now? If you do, go and do it!

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Good luck! And do let me know your C&C (Comments & Criticism) or share your experience.