The Dawn of Bangladeshi Viral Videos

In 2016, Bangladesh has seen it all. From a nit wit arms flailing ‘rap ster’ to the thin and sympathy generating Hero Alam to emotionally touching videos, the range is fascinatingly wide. Smartyslife brings you a collection of all of these Bangladeshi Viral Videos 2016.

P.s. If you feel that we have missed one or two, do let us know. And please excuse my SEO attempt. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

1. Hero Alam’s Rise

2. Ali G-ster And His (in)Famous Epileptic Regurgitation on A Rooftop (With the Thamate Parbe Naah bit)

Bangladeshi Viral Videos 2016

3. Xunayed vs Nurullah

Which Gave Rise to Some Hillarious Parodies



7. I AM GPA 5

Controversial AF, this viral video got the whole nation talking about the quality of education and the quality of journalistic ethics.


8. Cute Girl Recites Bangladeshi Poem ‘Khuki O Kathberali

9. Mr. Nahiyan Pulls Off Hilarious Barisalian Accent

Bangladeshi Viral Videos 2016

10. Eka Ferdousi’s Cooking Show Near Kutub Minar, New Delhi:

11. When Taskin Ahmed Got Banned Temporarily

12. Bangla Movie Mashups/Re-edits Have Been Big in 2016

Bangladeshi Viral Videos 2016



15. Great Display of Wit from Team Buttfix:


17. Salman the Brown Fish Doesn’t Need an Intro:



Bangladeshi Viral Videos 2016

19. This one’s from Kolkata But Every ‘Machey Bhatey’ Bangladeshi Should Be Able to Relate

20. Anyone Who Isn’t Happy With The Bangladeshi Natoks Will Think Is Gold:

21. Bhai Brothers Took Inspiration from AIB and Came Pretty Close:

Bangladeshi Viral Videos 2016

21. Mango Squad Took It Out On Lame Musicians One More Time:

Because they say ‘Save the Best for Last’.

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6 Bangladeshi Viral Videos That Will Melt Your Heart ( Made In 2016)