Excel Your Pymetric Test Skills with These Free Resources!

by Smartifier
June 13 2021 .

In the modern recruitment process, different types of aptitude tests have become exponentially significant; especially for MNCs. The popularity of these tests is rising day by day. Are you fastening your seatbelt for a smooth transition from university to the job? 

Unfortunately, many students don't know how to practice it and fall victim because of the unique format. If you're eager to practice aptitude tests for better preparation, we got you covered. 

You can practice aptitude tests for free from these sites:

1. Practice Aptitude Tests 

To get a clear heads-up for your recruitment journey, you will find 16 free aptitude tests on this site. All of these tests are designed by accredited experts in the industry in a similar way used by employers. You can practice numerical, diagrammatic, logical reasoning, critical analysis of situations, cognitive ability tests as well as verbal reasoning. All of these practice tests are time-bound, so you can work on your speed as well. 

2. Assessment Day 

On this website, you will find more than 18 types of aptitude tests including the aforementioned ones. If you have any inquiries regarding aptitude tests and how you can ace them, you will find an FAQ section as well as detailed guidelines while taking each test on this site.

3. Graduates First 

Aptitude tests and assessments similar to the ones taken by industry-leading employers have been listed on this website. Along with numerical, verbal, and analytical reasoning practice tests, this site provides you with personality tests, video interviews, words from recruiters, and career services. 

4. Test Partnership 

This site offers you psychometrics, assessment tests as well as gamified assessment tests. On top of that, Test partnership assessment tests are used by companies like Unilever, Allianz, Prudential, and many more. Along with gamified assessment, verbal, numerical, analytical reasoning, psychometrics, and personality tests, you will get adaptive tests, ebooks, sample reports, and a quick start guide in Test Partnership. 

5. Pymetric 

Pymetric is a suggested site for gamified soft skill assessment practice tests. This test has made a new benchmark in the modern recruitment process.

6. The Talent Games 

To check the analytical capabilities and personality of a candidate, C-factor games are up and rising and adopted by a number of leading employers in the modern recruitment process. You can practice C-factor games in The Talent Games. 

These are some of the free sources where you can practice tests and take the good preparation for your recruitment journey. If you're looking for video tutorials on aptitude tests, you can check AssessmentDay out on YouTube. 

Happy prepping, and stay smartified! All the best wishes for landing your dream job!